Prison Chaplains

Prison Chaplains

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Join with chaplaincies and churches across the country who will be praying in January 2017, why not arrange a Prison Hope prayer event where you are to mark the start of Prison Hope.

Please let us know if you get together to pray for Prison Hope in January.

Your involvement in Prison Hope could little or large, mini or maxi, or to use coffee shop jargon: … small, medium, grande or ‘with syrup and cream’


Do one new thing during Prison Hope 2017. Perhaps start a prayer group, maybe have a prayer breakfast for local church leaders, maybe set up a Lent Group for prisoners ….


Do a number of events through 2017 or set up something new. Maybe host a number of prayer breakfasts through the year, perhaps organise ROTL visits to church, perhaps organise a prison tour for local church leaders …..


Perhaps connect with an organisation you’d like to see involved through the Chaplaincy; do a pulpit swap with a local church leader, get local churches involved in sponsoring Easter eggs for prisoners or to help with family days …..

With syrup and cream

Ask a local café if you can showcase prisoners’ art, host an event for local Christian landlords about releasing property for people leaving prison ….


Visit our resources page to get ideas. Share ideas by filling in a Prison HOPE crib sheet.