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If you are already volunteering with an organisation inside or outside your local prisons, ask your church leader if you can tell the church about what you do.

If you are already volunteering, ask the prison chaplain if you could bring your church leader to a Sunday service or Christian festival service.

You can find out more about organisations working with people as they leave prisons, with prisoners’ families and with people inside prisons. Contact them directly or contact us here.

Prisons Week  8 -14  October

Prisons Week 8 -14 October

For over 40 years now, Prisons Week has served to equip and enable the Church to pray for all those affected by prisons: prisoners and their families, victims of crime and their communities, those working in the criminal justice system and the many people who are involved in caring for those affected by crime on the inside and outside of our prisons.  Prisons Week produce resources and provide an annual focus and reason for Christians from across a broad spectrum to unite together in prayer that moves the heart of God to action.

Prisons Sunday – the second Sunday in October – marks the beginning of the week of prayer each year, running through until the following Saturday.

 For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @prisonsweek 


Church Members