About Us

Prison Hope Vision

Our vision is to see churches engaged with their local prisons, sharing hope with each other through prayer and through relationships.

  • Significantly increase church involvement with their local prisons and with people in their communities who have been in prison.
  • Be bearers of hope in prisons; be receivers of hope from prisoners.
  • Engage people in prisons with activities of hope.
  • Encourage people to understand and enter into more of the hope and promise of Jesus.

Prison Hope Values & Principles

  • Prison Hope is the local church as it meets week by week, outside and inside the prison walls.
  • Prison Hope is focused on those affected by life in prison – those who are prisoners, their families, those who work in prisons and those leaving prison.
  • Prison Hope recognises that we are all sinners; that we all need forgiveness; that our identity is in Jesus, not in what we have done.
  • Prison Hope starts with prayer; we can all pray.
  • Prison Hope encourages opportunities to meet in our differences and find what brings us together, because unity is important.
  • Prison Hope wants to release the potential within each person.
About Us